will i get messy?

Hopefully not. When using paint and stain there’s always a chance for a spill or mess. While we can’t guarantee it won’t happen to you, we do provide every guest with gloves and an apron. Our workshop always uses water-based paints and stains so if you do get any on your clothing it should come out with soap and water.

How long will the workshop last?

Workshops last around 2 hours depending on the number of people, the complexity of the projects and the pace of each guest.

IS there an age limit?

Because of the paints stains and tools that are used, children under 6 are not allowed in the workshop and we ask that children under 14 are accompanied by an adult.

can i sit by my friends?

When registering, we specifically ask if you are coming with a group of 2 or more so that we can do our best to make sure your group is seated together. Keep in mind that our work tables seat 6.

can i come and watch my friends without making a project?

Yes, but you still need to reserve a seat. Just select the “I’m helping someone else” option during registration. You’re also free to enjoy the patio outside the workshop while your friends create their project.

Do i need to book beforehand?

We strongly recommend that you reserve your seat ahead of time. Our workshops are at scheduled times and have a limited number of seats. We try to accommodate walk-ins but we can’t guarantee there will be seats available. Also, booking ahead gives us time to prepare the materials you will need for your project.

i changed my mind and want to change projects.

No problem. If you’ve already booked your workshop and have decided to make a change to your project or would like to choose a different one, we can accommodate your request providing it’s at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled workshop time.

can i receive a refund?

Yes, but because your materials are prepared ahead of time and stencils are cut specifically for your project, a 72 hour notice is required for all refunds. If less than 24 hours we can issue a credit that can be used for future workshops. No refunds or credits will be issued for “no shows”.

can i bring in wine, beer, or food?

No, Although Ephraim is no longer a dry town, there are still regulations that prohibit the sale or consumption of alcohol in businesses other than restaurants. With that in mind and because you will be using paints, stains, hammers and other tools during your time in our workshop, we ask that you refrain from bringing alcohol of any kind onto our premises. We do not allow food in the workshop unless approved for a private party or special event.