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Reclaimed Workshop is now Bay And Lake

In 2020 we realized that the workshop was growing in both size and scope and deserved it’s own space and identity. Bay and Lake is the next chapter of Reclaimed’s Workshop, increasing the quality of materials, complexity of projects and changing the overall way we do business. While we loved the DIY portion of the workshop we will be removing it indefinitely as Bay and Lake focuses on made to order projects and providing top of the line products. We want to say a special thank you to all of the people who have come through the workshop over the years and created a project and memory. To replace the DIY portion of the workshop, Bay and Lake will have it’s own line of highly customizable furniture items coming 2021 ready to order to your specifications. Along with our furniture line we also now carry all General Finishes products to use on all orders and to purchase for your own DIY projects.